Welcome to LASDRETIRED.ORG.  Many of you may know it as the "Moon List" or the LASD Retired List. It is all one in the same.  The LASD Retired List was created in 1997 by retired Sergeant William "Moon" Mullen.  Upon retirement, Moon felt far removed from the department.  It was apparent to him that there was a need for retired personnel to communicate with the department and each other.  In response to that need, Moon started the LASD Retired List.  He started with 40 names and it has now grown to over 3600 plus members.

The lines of communication between retired personnel is opening up and members are talking to long lost partners and friends whom they have not seen or heard from in years.  The LASD Retired List is nothing more than an Email mailing list service that Moon provides to retired LASD Members.  Moon sends out messages to all members of the list that include Department Bulletins, bereavement notices, sick notices, retirement notices, job opportunities, requests for assistance, personal messages from other LASD retired members, locates on long lost partners or friends and other items of interest.


So now your wondering what this web site is all about.  The LASDRETIRED.ORG website was created to supplement the LASD Retired Email service that is currently in place.  Now instead of giving your friends an email address to join, you can give them the web site so they can read what we are all about.  They can contact us or join the mailing list by clicking on Contact US on the menu above.. Once you have joined the list you can request access to the member's only portion of the website via the MEMBERS ONLY SIGN UP on the menu above.  We hope to expand these services in the near future to include more information that will benefit retired members and make it worth while to become a member of the website.  The website was officially launched in 2002 and was created by Jon and Merilee Armstrong.  Our current webmaster is Rich Wilabee.

Rich has been giving the website a facelift including a members only area.  This is a feature Moon has wanted for quite some time.

The Website for Retired Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies and Professional Staff

2019 Roundup April 7th thru 10th. 
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